Thai Star Restaurant Torquay

Welcome to Thai Star Restaurant

Connoisseurs of authentic Thai cooking will receive a warm welcome at the Thai Star Restaurant. We are
conveniently located on the harbourside near all the night life attractions in Torquay. Why not start your evening out
with a leisurely meal at the Thai Star. Or, if you are feeling peckish during the day, drop in and try our special lunch
menu. Alternatively if you feel like a quiet night in, why not order from our take away menu.
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A selection of the dishes that you can try at The Thai Star
Goong thai star

Thai food is eaten with a fork and spoon. Even single dish meals, such as fried rice with pork, or steamed rice topped with roasted duck are served in bite sized slices or chunks obviating the need for a knife.

The spoon is used to convey food to the mouth. Ideally, eating Thai food is a communal affair involving two or more people, principally because the greater the number of diners the greater the number of dishes ordered. Generally speaking, two diners order three dishes in addition to their own individual plates of steamed rice, three diners would order four dishes, and so on. Diners choose whatever they require from shared dishes and generally add it to their own rice. Soups are enjoyed concurrently with rice and other dishes, and not independently, Spicy dishes are "balanced" by simpler dishes to avoid any potential discomfort.

The ideal thai meal is a harmonious blend of the spicy, the subtle, the sweet and sour, and is meant to be equally satisfying to eye, nose and palate. A typical meal might include a clear soup (perhaps bitter melon stuffed with minced port), a steamed dish (mussels in curry sauce), a fried dish (fish with ginger), a hot salad (beef slices on a bed of lettuce, onions, chillies. mint and lemon juice) and a variety of sauces into which the food is dipped. This would be followed by a dessert and/or fresh fruits- such as mangoes, durian, jackfruit, papaya, grapes or melon.

We do hope you enjoy our unique and traditional Thai dishes and our Thai hospitality.

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Take Away : Free Plain crackers and
    10% off for orders of £15 or more
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Thai Star Dinner menu (click here)
Restaurant for sale
- 58 Seats
- £69,000 Leasehold
- Prime location by the harbour
- After 10 years retiring, Please contact 01803 297631
สนใจร้านอาหารไทย ทำเลดี ค้าขายดี วิวสวย 58 ที่นั่ง ราคา £69,000 เชิญติดต่อสอบถามรายละเอียด 01803 297 631
Thai restaurant for sale in Torquay
Thai restaurant for sale in Torquay
Thai restaurant for sale in Torquay
Thai restaurant for sale in Torquay
  Chefs Special Set Menu
  Thai Star Special Seafood set (£34.95 per person , minimum 2 persons)
Goong chub pang tod (prawn tempura)
Tod mun pla (Thai fish cake)
Poh plah tod (springroll)
Khanom pang na goong (praqn toast)
Satay Gai (chicken satay)
  Main Dishes
Goong Thai Star (deep fried king praqn in tamarine sauce sprinkled with crispy leeks)
Pla Sam Rod (deep fried whole sea bass topped with Thai style sweet chilli sauce)
Kaeng Kiew Warn Goong (famous classic Thai green curry with Prawn, aubergines,
  bamboo shoot, kaffir lime leaves, pappers and sweet basil leaves in coconut milk
Ped pad num mun hoi (stir fried mixed vegetables in oyster sauce)
Khoa suay (steamed traditional Thai jasmin rice)
Any desert in the desert menu
  Tea or coffee
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